What's the deal with your KTL Car Leasing System,Markus??

I am interested in your Car leasing program,however I read that you are closing the blog on December?My current lease expires next June and I am preparing ahead of time and see what my options would be.Are you still offering this system?Is it a membership per year?how does it work?I would like to use this system to get the best deal possible but I don't know how.Could you help??

Yes.My system will always be available.


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Car lease agreement explained

We all know car leasing is complicated.

This gives the car 188betapp下载dealership the upper hand on us.Because when we are confused,most of us do not ask questions.And we just sign the lease contract – even if it is a bad car lease deal.


The good news is I am going to demystify the typical car lease agreement.And I will show you how to protect yourself from getting ripped off at the same time.

Here is a copy of one of my client's lease agreement:

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