Can I lease a new car with a temporary worker visa?

A lot of my clients are here in the good ol' USA on a temporary worker visa.And they want to know if they can lease a new car – like this:

I am a foreign worker here in the USA on a visa.So I was wondering if I can still lease a new car when I'm on a visa?I have around 17-18 months left on my visa and I can extend the current visa for another 3 more years.Thanks.

In all the years I have been offering myKTL USA At-home Leasing System,I have never been asked for help for a denied lease to foreign workers.

In fact,I would bet 1 out of every 7 of my clients is from Eastern Europe – temporarily living on either the east coast or west coast here in the USA.And they have never reported a problem to me.Car sellers in California and New York regularly lease cars to foreign workers.With that said,a car seller in the middle of America will probably be confused about leasing to a new customer with a temporary worker visa.

I understand those with work visas find leasing a car is MUCH easier than financing a car.Because the credit requirements for most leases are less stringent than financing a car.

Here is the important part: the standard lease "term" is 36 months.Lease companies need to have the work visa last longer than the lease term.So I would extend your current visa for another 3 years as soon as possible.

The best part of using my new-car leasing system is we are in contact with dozens of car 188betapp下载dealerships at the same time.So if one is unfamiliar with leasing to foreign workers – no problem… you just lease your car with another car seller.