Should I wait a few months before leasing my new car?

I would like to engage in the lease in a few months from now.Would I purchase your program now and begin looking for the vehicle I would like to acquire?I don't want to impact the program in a negative way by not signing a lease immediately.

My KTL USA At-home Leasing Systemrewards those with extra time.

In a lot of cases,my clients are able to exit (i.e."flip") their current lease early and get into their next lease car in a better position than waiting until the last minute.(Plus,waiting until the last minute is a surefire way to get super stressed out.)

This is why my system gives you access for a full 12 months.So if you are going to order my system,it is better to do it sooner than later.

These leased cars are worth big bucks

A few months ago,I asked my contacts in the used car biz this simple question:

What cars do you see that have the highest residual percentages AND come off lease with the highest lease equity?


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